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Six Core Human Needs According to Tony Robbins …

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1. Certainty

We have a deep need for certainty in life — we crave stability in our relationships, health, and financial wellbeing. We do not want to be unpleasantly surprised when it comes to the things we hold most dear.

2. Variety

At the same time, we need surprises and adventure in life. We do not want to be bored by experiencing the same predictable things every single day.

3. Significance

We also have a deep need to stand out and be visible to other people. We want to avoid being invisible and irrelevant, no matter what it takes.

4. Connection

Beyond having significance to others, we also have a deep need to be connected and loved for who we are. We do not want to be left disconnected, alone, and unappreciated.

5. Growth

Even if these first four needs are being met, we still need to feel like we are always growing and making progress. We do not want to feel like we are standing still, or stagnating.

6. Contribution

Perhaps most importantly (and subtly), we also have an intense need to contribute to something greater than ourselves. We simply need to share what we have with others to get the most fulfillment out of life. Our talents and belongings do little to help us if we keep them just to ourselves.

Six Core Human Needs

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