Is the Australian Prime Minister satisfied ?

The attention of Australian Prime Minister Turnbull is respectfully drawn  to “Australian Victim of Terrorism Overseas Payment” (see link below) It is a one-off payment to provide assistance for Australians affected by acts of terrorism overseas that are declared by the incumbent Prime Minister …

Warren Rodwell & Malcom Turnbull PM

Lodgement of claims for the current batch of declared “acts” closed off in October 2015. Please refer to the Attorney-General’s office regarding my own request for declaration of a terrorist “act” in accordance with Section 100.1(1) of the Criminal Code 1995.

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Patience is how we behave while we’re waiting

Warren Rodwell

State of Origin Australian Rugby League … WR : ” I DON’T DO GUILT !!! ” Warren R Rodwell #NRL #Origin #SOO #auspol

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Threatened with beheading, starved/held hostage for 472 days,  but government won’t …

Warren RodwellWarren Rodwell & Human Services

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Is the Australian Prime Minister satisfied?

Stay safe, comrades. Only the paranoid survive ….


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