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Based on a true story about a kidnap for ransom. Lyrics by Warren Rodwell & Peter Brideoake Music & vocals by Mark Dumol ( a.k.a. Nissimac Eternal ) Recorded at FreedomYO! Records, Manila Philippines Vimeo YouTube



2 thoughts on “SITUATION NOT NORMAL Song

    Lyrics by Peter Brideoake and Warren Rodwell

    Shot through the hand
    Cuffed and dragged
    Across the land
    Down to the boat
    I heard these words from my host

    Situation, not normal
    Situation, not normal

    See the state I’m in
    Frail and dampened
    Too stunned to grin
    But now, not so handsome

    Who can I trust
    in the place that we’re at
    No sense of rescue
    Cause somehow, we knew
    there’s no turning back

    Situation, not normal
    Not normal at all”
    Situation, not normal

    Faith is not mine
    Hope is just a false lie
    A knife at my throat
    Reminds me I’m still alive

    Strung up, with hate
    No chance of escape,
    Bound and gagged,
    Trapped in their crusade,

    And all I could hear
    Were these words from my host

    Situation not normal,
    Situation not normal

    With a media blackout
    No one knows of my plight
    Losing strength and weight
    Barely able to survive

    With the pain of suffering
    Wasting away most every thing
    Ribcage too big for my skin
    And a head held for ransom

    Situation, not normal
    Not normal at all
    Situation, not normal

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