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An Essay on Warren R Rodwell ” by John Rapp – Indianapolis Podcast | Indiana Talk Radio Show USA

Warren Rodwell


John Rapp wanted to start a talk radio podcast with Chris Brake. Chris said “Okay.” There is rarely a plan for the show. Just a bunch of people trying not to embarrass themselves. And, sometimes the format unexpectedly changes from episode to episode. What you hear is what you get.

Warren Rodwell was held hostage by the Abu Sayyaf terrorist group for fifteen months, but he resurfaced just to come on the Chris Brake Show. Warren is now a free man, and a frequent guest on The Chris Brake Show.


John Rapp Parody Essay on Warren Rodwell – by John Rapp

The subject of Warren Rodwell has been covered intensively by the world press over the past decade. There are many factors which influenced the development of Warren Rodwell. Given that this influence pervades our society, there are just not enough blues songs written about Warren Rodwell.

Blues Brothers

Inevitably, Warren Rodwell is often misunderstood by socialists, trapped by their infamous history. At the heart of the subject are a number of key factors. I plan to examine each of these factors in detail and assess their importance.

Social Factors :

As reflected in classical mythology, society is complicated. When blues legend ‘Bare Foot D’ remarked ‘awooooh eeee only my dawg understands me’ [1], he globalised an issue which had remained buried in the hearts of our ancestors for centuries. Spanning divides such as class, race and ugliness, Warren Rodwell helps to provide some sort of equilibrium in this world of ever changing, always yearning chaos.

mortal wounds

When one is faced with people of today, a central theme emerges – Warren Rodwell is either adored or despised. It leaves no one undecided. It is intrinsically linked to adolescent inner acclimatisation.

Economic Factors :

The preceding section may have shed some light on society, but to really understand man, you must know how he spends his money. We will primarily be focusing on the Lead-a-Duck-to-Water model, a complex but ultimately rewarding system.

Cost of Living Warren Rodwell

The results displayed in the graph (see above) are too clear to be ignored. Even a child could work out that the cost of living looms over Warren Rodwell. This cannot be a coincidence. In the light of this, free trade must be examined.

Political Factors :

Modern politics owes much to the animal kingdom. Comparing the ideals of the young with the reality felt by their elders is like contrasting Warren Rodwell and political feeling.

WR CBS Award Oct 2014

To quote Nobel Prize winner Demetrius Rock, ‘The success of any political system can only truly be assessed once the fat lady has sung.’ [2] I argue that his insight into Warren Rodwell provided the inspiration for these great words. If Warren Rodwell be the food of politics, play on. While Warren Rodwell may be a giant amongst men, is this a dwarf amongst policy? I hope not.


Conclusion :

We can say with certainty Warren Rodwell has played a large part in the development of man now and in the 20th Century, and this influence remains strong. It sings a new song, brings glamour to an unglamorous time, and is a joy to behold.

I shall give the final word to star Wyclef Love Hewitt: ‘I wouldn’t be where I am today without Warren Rodwell.’ [3]

472 Days


  • [1] Bare Foot D – Classic – 1967 Stinton Records
  • [2] Rock – Roll It Up – 1977 – F. Lower Publishing
  • [3] Go mad for Warren Rodwell – Issue 132 – Kendeal Books



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