American Stereotypes with Warren Rodwell, Dale J Gordon, 40 Oz Pimp

Chris Brake Show Podcast  October 24, 2014 Episode #60  American Stereotypes

American Stereotypes with Warren Rodwell, Dale J Gordon, 40 Oz Pimp


We talk about American stereotypes with Warren Rodwell, Dale J. Gordon, and 40 Oz. Pimp to find out exactly what people in the rest of the world think about Americans. We talk about the brashness of Americans, the 1st Amendment, gun culture, American classrooms, lies in our textbooks, Australian history, American history, and the “little brother complex.”

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40 Oz. Pimp is a true American patriot, poet, and musician. Dale J. Gordon is a true American adventurer and recording artist from Nashville, TN. And Warren Rodwell was kidnapped and held hostage for 15 months by Islamic terrorists in the Philippines. A truly diverse panel we have assembled to take part in this important socio-political discussion.

Warren Rodwell is a true cosmopolitan, and has spent a lot of time traveling all over the world and experiencing lots of different cultures. Rodwell likes America, and Americans, but has noticed some common American stereotypes that people have in other countries. Warren shares two American stereotypes with us on this episode:

1) People in other countries tend to think of Americans as “brash.”

2) America is known for its gun culture, and the right for American citizens to own guns. People in other countries hear lots of news stories all the time about shootings and gun violence in America.

Deadliest Day USA

Deadliest Day USA

So essentially we’re known for being rude and having a bunch of guns (and shooting people with those guns). That’s not all we’re known for, but those are some common American stereotypes.

Rodwell attributes Americans’ “brash” attitude to the 1st Amendment and the right to freedom of speech. He proposes that one reason for Americans’ brashness is because Americans have grown up with people generally being tolerant of any sort of speech. So when Americans travel outside of the United States, people in other countries are taken back by how up front, bold, and outspoken many Americans can be.

40 Oz. Pimp aggressively voices his opinions throughout the episode, and Dale J. Gordon asks Warren Rodwell about the arts & sciences. Rodwell also talks about Australia’s G20 World Leaders Conference,

Rodwell also says that it’s not uncommon for Americans traveling worldwide to tell other people that they are from Canada and not the United States, shares some helpful tips for people when traveling abroad, and tells you where you should live if you want to meet the most women.

Rodwell also points out that the American classroom produces students that are unique from other countries. He says that in the classroom, Americans tend to not speak up or answer questions, for fear of someone else shooting down their idea. This is much different than classrooms in other countries, such as in Australia where children are more thoroughly reprimanded for interrupting other people.

Rodwell closes the evening with a joke about Americans and Starbucks that is actually more true than it is funny. The math in the joke didn’t quite add up, but it’s still a funny joke. And true. Funny because it’s true.



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