A quokka is a rat-like marsupial, native to Western Australia. Another wannabe celebrity poser (18.035 views) claims to know hostage survivor Australian Warren Rodwell . Mar 23, 2013 roguequokka • LINKED COMMENT I know this sack of shit and I wish they’d shot the dog. He’s a wife-beater and deserter who was begged by his family not to go to the Southern Phillipines. He’s put his family through hell and now he’ll get a fat pay-check for selling his sob-story like the gutless turd he is. Warren Rodwell, proof of life video (December 2012) 
Warren Rodwell

Warren Rodwell


Yo, stooge! Haters make me FAMOUS, and attention-seeking rants such as yours increase site views. The book “472 Days Captive of the Abu Sayyaf – The Survival of Australian Warren Rodwell” by Dr Bob East (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, United Kingdom) is possibly way out of your grasp and price range. But hey! If it’s not, then just remember whose pocket you are lining when you get someone to read da stuff for or to you. By the way, you forgot to make direct reference to the fact that the date I was released, (which happened to be the same day you attempted to jump on the world news bandwagon) was my dead mother’s birthday. Read the book.





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